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Guaranteed Rent Contracts

We are offering landlords the unique opportunity to sign up to the agency with our guaranteed rent contracts (dependent on property).

This guarantees rent payments even if the tenants have not paid their rent, have paid their rent late and even in the unlikely event that the property has an empty or void period whilst under our management.

There are several benefits to guaranteed rents. As the landlord/property owner, you’ll receive predictable, steady income for the length of the contract. You’ll also have peace of mind, knowing ahead of time that your property is rented out for the length of the contract, eliminating any fear of vacancy. For this added financial security, you’re willing to get slightly less than market rate. You definitely have less to worry about as someone else is tasked to find you tenants. We here at Let’s Direct (Southside) Ltd maintain your property, and can even guarantee you a monthly income. What’s the catch?

You will receive slightly less than market value for your property with the promise of whether it’s empty or tenanted, you won’t be out of pocket.

Download the Landlords’ Guide to Electrical Safety (Scotland)

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